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tip toe through the tulips [entries|friends|calendar]

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an amelie moment [16 Nov 2006|09:47pm]
simple things that make me happy and smile...

my friends, without them I am nothing
my dogs snuggling up to me on the sofa
my job, I get cuddles on a regular basis, I get to watch children grow, help them learn and excite them about things
a long lost song I once loved coming on the radio
flowers springing up in the garden
handwritten letters waiting in the letter box for me
a freshly made bed
chatting on the Lush forum and msn
the lord of the rings, films and books
early morning frost especially on spider webs
the moon glowing in the night's sky
chats over gingerbread lattes
birds in the garden
wearing mittens, scarf and a hat
ice skating and roller skating, anywhere, anytime I can feel the wind through my hair
watching Doctor Who
my hair drying wavy
hot chocolate before bed
reading in the bath while one of my guilty pleasures plays on the stereo (currently ronan!)
memories of mum
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